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Wrestle Mania 25th Results, Predictions & Spoilers | WWE WrestleMania 25th

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on March 31, 2009

Unless Trish Stratus is in this, I’m not interested. You forget what star power she has, but she was the most legit diva the company has ever had. Also, where the hell is Gail Kim? Santino should win. Why not?

I have high hopes for this, and I’m of two minds about it. First, I love Miz/Morrison. The promos are great, the wrestling is even better, and they deserve to be the team that unifies the tag belts. However, the time has come for these guys to go off as singles, especially Morrison, who the company needs to get behind in a big way. Honestly, the Colon’s are not over. Carlito, as I have said before, is lazy as hell and never going to evolve beyond a certain point. He should of jumped to TNA where I could have, at least, ignored him. The brother is a better wrestler, but lacks the charisma Carlito has. If they could morph these two together, you’d have one awesome wrestler. Anyhow, just to add to their impressive resume, M/M should walk out of Mania with both belts and those twins with the big chins (as they say)

What the hell is this match about? Zero build up, makes no storyline sense, and a total clash of styles. I think the plan is for JBL to retire in the ring regardless of the outcome of the match. I’d like to see him retire with the belt because that hasn’t been done before, but on the flipside, I don’t see the point of having Rey lose. I’m told it was originally supposed to be him and Koslov, which would have been a huge send off for JBL in Texas. This just seems like a waste of Rey Rey, who could have taken the slot against Jericho. They did a decent job in building some heat between the two of them this week, but it seems like an afterthought. A decent feud had it been given a more solid foundation.

Honestly, I feel like this could be rough compared to the previous ones. Kane? Mark Henry? Eh. The recent encounters with all eight guys have been really messy. The only true generals in this match are Finlay, who’s not winning this, and Christian, who is on fire and obviously has something to prove after getting screwed out of the Hardy program.. He SHOULD win. While I think they will work out a spot fest that will have many slow motion “Holy Sh*t” replays, on paper it’s messy. I would have thought this is where they would pull the trigger on MVP, but they gave him the U.S. title, so I think my initial conclusion is Captain Charisma rockin’ the briefcase and going on to a title. However, don’t count out Shelton Benjamin…he’s been jobbing a lot as of late and deserves a shot at hitting the next level. I’d be happy either way.

HBK vs. The Undertaker

I think this is going to be the match everyone remembers from this Mania. Both guys are just at that point where they can still go and put on a classic. I really enjoyed the build up, especially when HBK snuck in that superkick, but WTF was up with that HBK in the graveyard straight out of the 90’s promo crap! Wow, that was some silly sh*t! I mean SOOOO old school. The dialogue was good, but the presentation was so corny. I’m shocked HBK agreed to do that. I think he’s going to do some of those parody videos that he does well so, that should get the heat back up. I think they are keeping HBK strong because he’s gonna do the job. The streak isn’t worth breaking for HBK, and jobbing to Taker isn’t going to hurt Mr. Wrestlemania one bit. However, should be the match to watch as these two vets know how to step it up.

This is truly one of the worst angles in WrestleMania history, bar none. As Chester Gold is the first to say, world title Mania matches should ALWAYS be one on one encounters. With the exception of Beniot at WMXX (mostly cause it was Benoit), Triple Threats, Fatal Four Ways, whatever NEVER work at Mania. And this Vicki love triangle thing is so unbelievably stupid. Maybe they’re trying to appeal to the younger fans that Cena has, but this is a waste of all three of these guys and the heat magnet that is Vicki. They couldn’t come up with anything better than this? It’s the freakin’ World Title!! I can’t believe they couldn’t have some kind of gimmicked one on one match with Edge and Cena, who COULD deliver a classic and have before. They have the chemistry. It’s amazing to me how they spend all this time getting behind Cena and then do something this ridiculous. This is also a total waste of Edge, Smackdown’s best heel. Speaking of wasting a brand’s best heel…

If there was one match that had the potential to be the classic for the ages, this was it. Jericho, after spending weeks beating up legends, humiliating the hall of famers, and just being the best bad guy around, he’s fighting PIPER?? SNUKA?? STEAMBOAT (who by the way looks fantastic and can probably kick some ass)?? That’s IT!?!?! I have a feeling, in a few months, when this is over, we’re gonna read in the dirt sheets how they tried to get Austin for the slot, or Hogan, or Mickey Rourke, or someone else (hell, even Kenny Powers!) and this was all they could pull off. If this was the Mania Austin was going to do, then this was the match. I’m still praying for a swerve, but this went from being the match I was looking forward to something potentially cringe worthy. But I have a feeling they are scrambling with this. You know they are desperate when they have Flair bleeding like a stuck pig and not retaliating. This whole thing now is designed for the “Wrestlemania Moment” of Mickey Rourke punching out Jericho. Which is cool, but not enough. Only Jericho can carry this and save it.

I don’t think making this an Extreme Rules match is going to help. This is going to be a spot fest, possibly very violent. But this is another example of panic booking that hurts your head when thinking about the logic. I don’t think it’s any secret that this was originally slotted to be Jeff vs. the returning Christian, which would have made for a better storyline, a better match, and something we all could look forward to. This was changed when, supposedly, Vince, ultra paranoid about net leaks, decided to swerve the fans. Sure it made no sense and there’s very little heat. However, I think the brothers Hardy can pull off some memorable moments. The only way you keep this feud alive is by having Matt get the pinfall. It just doesn’t feel like they’ve built it in a way where they can give the program a definitive finish at Mania unless they do something drastic and cool like they did with the next match…

Orton is the hottest heel in the company. Maybe not the best one (that honor falls to Jericho and Edge), but when Paul Heyman declare this “The Golden Age Of Heels,” Orton is the centerpiece. The WWE is going all out to make Orton the most hated man in the universe. So far they’ve done a good job building it up. A few hits (the initial punking out of Stephanie), a few misses (the overdone home invasion), and one grand flipping slam that made it feel like a Mania match: This past Monday’s angle with Orton kissing an KO’d Steph. I think these two will put on a very good match, maybe with McMahon cameos, but, my God, if they don’t put the belt on Orton then they truly have lost their minds. As we discussed when UGO axed me, HHH is at that HBK and Flair point, where he doesn’t need a title to be over, so he has to take it for the team and put Orton over. And HHH, to his credit, I think realizes this and does have history of putting people over at Mania. If the WWE truly wants to make Orton the biggest heel on the planet, then he has to win. He must. It’s what’s best for the future of our great sport. They just need to be careful that they don’t make Orton such a bad ass that they turn him face…


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