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9 Hottest Twins Ever Seen on this Planet !!!!

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on April 4, 2009

#1: MARY-KATE OLSEN & ASHLEY OLSEN Contrary to thrice fact-checked new reports, Heath Ledger actually overdosed from ingesting too much of their sexiness.

#2: JESSICA ORIGLIASSO & LISA ORIGLIASSO (The Veronicas) We have only one question for these Aussie pop rockers: “G’day. Mate?”

#3: TIA MOWRY & TAMERA MOWRY Half African-American and half Italian-American, these two are like the sexual tension in a Spike Lee movie. And we want to do the right thing to both of them.

#4: NICOLE ALBINO & NATALIE ALBINO (Nina Sky) These Puerto Rican dance artists from Queens may never do better than 44 on The Billboard 200, but around our way, they’re número uno pa’ siempre!

#5: GISELE BUNDCHEN & PATRICIA BUNDCHEN We don’t think it’s cool that Brazil harbored Nazi war criminals, but these beauties are proof that good things can happen when Brazil gets in bed with Germany.

#6: NAIMA MORA & NIA MORA Naima was one of Tyra Banks’s next top models. Her sister could get on top too.

#7: SCARLETT JOHANSSON & HUNTER JOHANSSON One out of two ain’t bad, especially when that one has unbelievable twos!

#8: JILL HENNESSY & JACQUELINE HENNESSY We’re chasing Hennessy with Hennessy. Man up, bitches.

#9: COCO MILLER & KELLY MILLER Gotta start the countdown somewhere, right? Besides, these beefy WNBA twins overpowered us and forced their way in.


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