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Tiny Teen of India – Jyoti Amge , Just 1ft 11in (Exclusive Pictures)

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on June 12, 2009

She stands just 1ft 11in tall, but Jyoti Amge is not a toddler – rather she’s a 15-year-old teenager, who holds the record of being the world’s smallest girl.

This extraordinary teenager, who weighs just 11 lb, is the smallest girl in the world, according to the Indian Book of Records.

Jyoti, who suffers from a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, will never grow any taller.

But that doesn’t make the youngster unhappy or discouraged.

“I am proud of being small. I love the attention I get. I’m just the same as other people. I eat like you, dream like you. I don’t feel any different,” the Mirror quoted Jyoti, as saying.

Jyoti eats off special plates, sleeps in a tiny, custombuilt bed, and uses specially-made steps to help her get in the bath and a small bucket and jug to wash herself.

But, amazingly, she goes to a regular school, in Nagpur, India, where she studies alongside classmates of her own age, though she sits at a specially made miniature desk.


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