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Triple Eclipse , Triple Eclipse in India , When would be Triple Eclipse

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on June 24, 2009

The triple eclipse to be witnessed in the next couple of months is a rare astronomical event, but the series eclipse- a solar eclipse, preceded by a lunar and followed by another lunar eclipse is also considered a bad omen.

A city based couple DK and Hema Hari have gone on to conduct an empirical study to prove the significance of the triple eclipse in the present times.

Their book- “ Will history repeat itself ? Triple eclipse of July 2009.

Ominous? Promising? “ which was released on Monday aims to provide readers with examples from the ancient times where all major calamities and wars were preceded by a triple eclipse series, said DK Hari.

Hari adds,” The first recorded triple eclipse in 3067 BCE (Before Common Era) coincided with the Kurukshetra war. The destruction of Dwaraka coincided with the triple eclipse of 3031 BCE. While the period between 1910 and 1945, witnessed the I and II World War; and a series of triple eclipses.” According to the book, apart from the tripe eclipse there would be six such series of triple eclipses until 2020.

Source : http://www.expressbuzz.com

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