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How to SEO a Website | Perfect Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on July 29, 2009

Search Engine Optimization cannot be considered an accurate science for the reason that the techniques used in promoting websites or web pages are constantly developing as search engines continue to filter their algorithms to get more perfect and improved results while fighting spam. In an effort to be aware of search engines algorithms secrets, Marketers and Engine Developers engage in a cat and mouse game, equally struggling to get the better of each other by seeking to make use of loopholes in algorithms.

From the time when the actual difficulty stemmed from the proliferation of websites that used unethical ways of boosting their ranks like Keyword stuffing and link building, newer techniques and methodologies are being developed to prevent unethical issues regarding website promotions. The cumulative effect of SEO black hat method made the crawlers more advanced and more alert as technology formulates new standards for ranking. SEO experts who may possibly have once utilized black hat techniques now have to be more careful in their approach or they may fall prey to engine spam filters which can ban their client’s websites from engines, no longer appearing in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

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