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So You Think You Can Dance Finale Performances

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on August 6, 2009

The first couple of the night is Evan and Jeanine, who are working with Sonya Tayeh on a routine about a man who is trying to keep his woman from leaving, but she fights back. It’s … interesting, but I want to be totally in love with every routine tonight. It’s the finale! And so far, that’s not happening. Adam thinks it was great, but he says they are a bunch of “nevers,” as in, he never saw Jeanine coming and never saw Evan in the Top 4, and, “This season will never be the same without you.” He adds that Sonya did such a great job because it was entertaining and she choreographed to their strengths. Mary Murphy liked the two of them together, but says Jeanine stood out a little bit more and that she’s “emerging a little bit more each week.” Nigel says this is an enormous stage, so they have to up their game, and they did. He also doesn’t want to see Evan get thrown around the stage any more this evening.

What a busy night! Cat puts them on the spot and asks who they think is going to win. Adam says he can’t call a win. Cat asks Mary if she can be “more of a man than Adam.” Yeow. She says she can’t. Nigel says Evan is a lovely chap, and that Kayla finally showed off her personality, but in saying that, he thinks the winner will probably be Brandon or Jeanine.

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