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Snehituda Film Review | Snehituda Movie Review

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on August 7, 2009

Snehituda is about friendship. The film starts on an interesting note introducing Naani, his background. This goes on for quite some time and you are under the impression that this film revolves around his naughty behaviour, his adventures with Madhavi Latha. But even before the first half of the film ends, the story meanders and starts focusing on the heroine. An orphan Naani lives in others’ apartments and leads a comfortable life. Don’t ask how, he just finds his way into others’ homes – without their knowledge at the right time.

The actors did their job convincingly but it is the script that played spoilsport. Faulty screenplay fails to enthuse the viewers, dialogues are routine and feather-weight. You get a feeling that a familiar actress has dubbed for Madhavi Latha. The actress should be allowed to use her voice for getting that distinct feel.

Snehituda is not a great film, it just boasts of one number, some casual, good performances by the hero, heroine which is marred by confused plot, inept direction. You lose nothing by not watching the film.

Cast: Naani, Madhavi Latha, Brahmanandam, Nasser, Kinnera, MS Narayana and others.
Dialogues-Lyrics: Bashasri.
Music: Shivaram Shankar.
Released on: August 07, 2009

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  1. Movie was nice. Thank you.

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