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icrwhale | icrwhale.org | icr whale

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on August 15, 2009

The Institute of Cetacean Research (I.C.R.), a unique organization in Japan specializing in the biological and social sciences related to whales, came into being in October 1987. It is a nonprofit research organization whose legal status is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Government of Japan, as a foundational judicial person.

The forerunner of the I.C.R., the Whales Research Institute, founded in 1947, was developed from the Nakabe Foundation for Whale Science, which was established in 1941.


Problems surrounding Japanese fisheries have become increasingly complex in recent years in relation to the conservation and management of marine mammals, as exemplified by the IWC’s adoption of a moratorium on all commercial whaling in 1982 and the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in 1994, as well as by the tightening of regulatory measures on driftnet and other fishery technology.


1. Research on Southern Hemisphere minke whales for the estimation of biological parameters necessary for population management and for elucidation of the Antarctic marine ecosystem under the special permit issued by the Government of Japan.

2. Research on Northwest Pacific minke, Bryde’s, sperm and sei whales under special permit issued by the Government of Japan to examine consumption of fish by cetaceans and competition between whales and fisheries and to provide data for ecosystem models to improve management of all living marine resources in the area.


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