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Basic Rules of Golf | How to Start Playing Golf

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on August 26, 2009

The most lucrative game of the world, the player who ranks at number one
(Tiger Woods) in this game is the richest sportsman on the planet.

Doesn’t all the facts mentioned above force you to think that you should at
least know how the game is played and then if it interests you more may be
you see yourself becoming a Pro Golfer.

So here we present the basic rules of playing Golf, so the next time when
somebody is talking golf, may be you contribute as well.

The basic rules in playing golf are the same internationally, whether you
are in Asia or in Europe or anywhere else in the globe. This makes golf
truly a gentleman’s game. But don’t be fooled by the latter term, because
women are gaining grounds and making their mark in the world of golf.

Here are the basic rules in golf. There are so many rules that you are not expected to memorize them all. However, be prepared to know the very basic, so that you will not make yourself a laughing stock in the golf course.

1. Every golfer is allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs in his golf bag. However, you do not have to be a big spender and buy all 14 clubs all at once while you are still starting and learning the rudiments of the game. You may have the most expensive golf clubs, but if it does not suit your style, then it’s useless. To start with, buy a half set of clubs, with the basic necessities like five irons, two woods and a putter.

2. Make sure you do not keep your opponents or your team waiting, mark your tee time. Always be ready to play your shot and do not dilly-dally in the course, as you may be delaying other players who are waiting for their turn. In case you forgot, play starts in the tee area, where the ball is driven into the fairway.

3. The general rule is that the ball is played as it lies, except when the rule allows a player to move the ball for a better position. Better be aware that a player cannot change balls while playing a hole. The exception is if the ball is damaged, then it may be replaced, with the consent of a fellow competitor or opponent.

4. Always play your own ball and place some markings on your ball, in case another player has an identical ball. If a player cannot identify his ball, then it is lost. If you lose your ball, quickly search for it in the area where you saw it land. If you cannot find it, forget your ball and play another one.

If a ball is no longer fit for play then it may be replaced without penalty. A player is allowed to lift his ball if it would assist another player. If a ball interferes with your play, then you may have the ball lifted.

5. Asking for advice from another person other than your golf partner or caddie is a no-no. The same rule goes for giving advice. Always observe silence when a golfer is playing a hole. Remember, golf is a game of concentration and the other players would be better off without your snickers or unsolicited mumblings.

6. Do not swear when your ball hits an obstruction. An obstruction includes any object, whether man-made or artificial, which hinders the flow of the game. It can either be an immovable obstruction like sprinklers, or a movable obstruction that can easily be moved.

The rules in playing golf are so many that a player who breaks the rules is not accused of cheating. There is a presumption that the violation was not deliberate but due to ignorance.


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