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What is Interlocutor | Shashi Tharoor Interlocutor Remark Interlocutor

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on February 28, 2010

Interlocutor in politics is very simply defined as someone who informally explains the views of a government and also can relay messages back to a government.

Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for External Affairs had said few few which were certainly not in the manner in which these words have been taken. We provide you the exact words which he said during a press meet with the Indian journalists in Riyadh.

He said, ‘We feel Saudi Arabia has a long and close relationship with Pakistan and that makes Saudi Arabia even a more valuable interlocutor for us,’.

Later on after all the buzz was created in Media, Tharoor clarified his remarks via the one of the Social Networking Giant Twitter.

He tweeted, “Good day of mtgs (meetings), marred in some Indian media by misunderstanding of word ‘interlocutor’.


“An interlocutor is someone u speak to, nothing more,”


“If I speak to u, u are my interlocutor! I mentioned the Saudis as OUR interlocutors, i.e. the people we are here to speak to. Some misinterpretation,”

He also said that, “No chance of my saying Saudi Arabia should be a mediator… Never said that or anything like it,”

So in All, we need to use our own understanding to listen and see the things rather than run after all the buzz which has been created by media just to sell. These incidents are kind of the news which are created and not just happened.

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