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Kalki Bhagavan Exposed | Amma Exposed | Kalki Bhagavan fraud Scam Exposed

Posted by celebrityphotosnews on March 2, 2010

Vijay Kumar Naidu alias Kalki Bhagavan Frauds and Scams have been exposed by Telugu news channel TV9. Amma (not to confused with Mata Amritanandamayi) has also been exposed in this operation by the channel.

Kalki Bhagavan and Amma claim to be two divine beings, or Avatars and the enlightenment which they offer to the devotees is a process which is known as deeksha.However, One of the ex-devotees named Narayana exposed thet for this whole process of deeksha and Darshan of Amma’s padam the devotees should pay 5000 Rupees and for Special Darshan 25,000 Rupees, They took 60,000 Rupees from each devotee for Homam. And for Foreigners they have 21 days package. And each devotee should pay entry fees. With the name of Amma Pooja the Kalki trust collected 240 Crores.

Now what is interesting where is this money utilised now, Kalki trust is running 9 businesses, one of them is Real Estate which is running by Bhagvan’s son and he earned nearly 3,000 crores with the company.

Avatars or Not but we are sure that these guys are hell of a businessman and have superb presence of mind by which they are making fools out of their devotees.


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